About Us

Mission Statement

DUNBAR Plumbing is located at 66 McCullum Road in Independence Kentucky. We are a plumbing service company that provides service and repair of your residential plumbing needs. We specialize in emergency situations needing immediate attention. Non-emergency calls are made by appointment and planned to work around your schedule, not ours.

Credentials and Contributions

Licensed Master Plumber in Kentucky and Ohio, Licensed Backflow Tester in Kentucky. We sponsor numerous events/functions in the city of Independence and other neighboring communities as a contribution to help the community, schools, families.

In Summary

We strive at DUNBAR Plumbing to be the most reliable service provider for your needs. Our dedication to approach your plumbing issues and resolve them quickly is #1 priority. At DUNBAR Plumbing our job is to find the best solution to your plumbing problem and fix it in the most economical way possible. Our "Plumbing Problems Solved" motto is one we live by.

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